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Simplicity Women’s Knit Winter Beanie w/ Earflap and Pom Balls

I got this cute winter hat for my grand daughter, she just LOVES the pom poms on it!  She wears it every day and is distraught when I need to clean it.  Definately worth the price!

Here’s the link:


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Balaclava Heavyweight Fleece Cold Weather Face and Neck Mask

This hat is SOOOOOOOOOOOO warm!!  I use it on those minus days when I have to spend over an hour outside in the wind feeding and watering the animals and I never get cold ears wearing this hat!

Here’s the link


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Vbiger Ear Flap Hat Russian Cap

FINALLY a hat for me!  I’m using this one for snowmobiling.  It has a nice fur lining that feels really nice against the skin and it’s nice and thick and warm.  The face cover is great and snaps on well and doesn’t come off until you take it off.  The flaps come down and cover your ears, which is always a cold spot on me out in the snow.

This is really a hat for girls, the colors are black, yellow and pink!  How perfect is that??

Here’s the link:


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