KOAMILY Mini Cam Spy Camera 1280x720P Security Voice Recording Wide Camcorder Profession IR Night Vision

I got this little “spy camera” so I can set up and catch video of my rabbits having their kits.  Rabbits are notorious for being sneaky about when they have thier young and will even hold off labor if they feel they are being watched, so I have this camera set up for the big day which should be anytime soon.

I had to use a new SD card other than the one they sent since I wanted longer video duration than I was getting with the original card, but the camera works well and I’m expecting awesome rabbit birthing videos soon!

Here’s the link:


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Meaneor Women Plus Sizes Round Neck Long Sleeve Hollow Floral Lace Maxi Short Dress

This dress is absolutely beautiful on.  I love how the lace makes the Burgundy red underneath kind of peek a boo style.  It has a lot of stretch to it so it’s VERY comfortable.  I’ll be wearing this one to the family gathering for the Holiday season!!

Here’s the link:


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MZD8391 Dimmable LED Starry Lights with Remote Control, 66ft 200 Leds Copper Wire Light,Waterproof Rope Lights Suitable for Bedroom,Patio,Wedding, Parties,Warm White

These little string lights are perfect for around the house.  Make your home more festive in seconds.

I wrapped mine around the staircase rails so the kids can have light if they get up in the middle of the night for a drink of water.

Here’s the link:


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3 Outlets Wall Socket Power Protector and 3A 3 USB Charger with Phone Stand

This is very convenient to use especially when you have multiple appliances or phone to charge.  I use this to run my under the cabinet lights, and charge my flashlights that I take on the way out the door to check on my animals.

Plus directly into the wall, no hanging cords to worry about tripping over or finding a way to keep out of sight.

Portable and easy to tuck into a bag if you travel a lot.  This allows you to make sure you have phone charging abilities at your fingertips.

I’ll be adding video to this post tomorrow to show how well this works.

Here’s the link:


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Chrome Plated Metal Non-Slip Open Ended Hangers with Sure-Grip Coating for Pants, Jeans, Slacks, Towels, Scarfs, Clothing for Closet Space Saving, Bedroom Hooks (12 Pack) by Super Z Outlet

I’m in LOVE with these hangers for his self’s dress pants.  They are VERY heavy and have a non slip coating so his dress pants stay put when he’s moving things around in the closet in the morning.

Put these on your MUST HAVE list!

Here’s the link:


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Shunil&Sons Plantar Fasciitis, Gel Toe Separator & Stretcher for Yoga, Foot Arch Support Sleeves| Big Toe Protectors, Spacers & Straightener For Bunion Relief,Hammer Toes| Care For Your Feet Today!

This foot kit will have your feet in shape in no time, lots of relief for those tired dogs.

It comes with 2 gel toe separators, 2 arch support sleeves and 2 bunion slip ons.

The gel toe separators feel great and let my toes rest and relax after a long hard day on my feet!

Here’s the link:


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