Aodin Smart TV Box 2GB+16GB

I ordered this android box for our upstairs TV.
I wanted something that would play netflix and you tube and a few other little apps.
This system worked perfectly. Most apps are supported that I tried to download as a matter of fact I can’t think of one that came up as unsupported although I’m sure there are some.
I was able to use an adapter and hook this to an older tv and we use it daily.
No issues streaming or connecting to the internet so this was a great buy for us.
The small size allows up to keep it installed and out of the way of everything else without taking up too much space in our entertainment area.

I LOVE THESE!!  All I need now is one of those small wireless keyboards and I’m set for relaxing time!

Here’s a link:

100_6013 100_6014 100_6015 100_6016 100_6017 100_6018


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