OUTERDO Bluetooth Vehicle Car Stereo MP3 Player

Hi guys!

I’m excited!  REALLY Excited!

I just got this OUTERDO Bluetooth Vehicle Car Stereo MP3 Player installed in my car and WOW!!!!  No  more awkward plug in blue tooth MP3 Add on thingies for me!!

My son had no issue hooking this up as a second stereo in my car since it wasn’t going to fit nicely in the dash area.

The remote allows me to use the functions without having to actually be able to reach the stereo, and I just load music for whatever mood I’m in or create a new playlist before leaving home and tucked into a memory card and I’m good to go, I have a stack of cards that fit into my glove compartment and those take up WAY less space than CDs!!

Here’s the link:



100_5881 100_5882  100_5885


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