Bath Bomb Mold Kit

This bath bomb kit comes with everything you’re going to need to make your own bath bombs.  12 molds for drying the bath bombs are mixing, 1 spoon to measure out ingredients in 1 oz. increments.  It also has 4 ropes so you can use these as aroma therapy while they are drying.

There is a recipe on the listing, here’s the link for these:

Or you could use your own recipe.

This is the perfect kit for the beginner DIY bath bomb maker, the molds are reusable, so you can make several hundred before needing to replace them.

You can make the perfect personalized Christmas gifts with these.  When they are dry you can remove from the molds and wrap in tissue paper with your own personalized sticker to hold it closed.  Add a pretty box from the dollar store and some matching scented/color tea lights and you have the perfect home made Christmas Gift.

100_5871 100_5872 100_5873



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