Reusable Coffee Filter Pod

I got these reusable K Cuo Coffee pods because the one I originally bought ina local store required me to remove the K cup insert every time I wanted to use it.  These just pop in like a regular K cup pod and are SO MUCH easier to use!  Just fill the little pod and pop it in.

ANother problem I had with the one I got int he store was that the coffee I was using was always WEAK and only the CENTER got wet and used, with these pods ALL the coffee gets used and the coffee is strong like using a regular k cup pod.  I haven’t really found a use for the spoons, I just dip the cup into my coffee to fill it, although f the pod were recently used those spoons would come in handy for keeping the grounds off the ourside of the pod.

SO woth the investment.. now I can have my favorite flavors coffee without the insane rices of pods!!

100_5295 100_5297 100_5299






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