NKTM Garden Plant Netting Review

I got this Garden Netting to test, it’s made for covering trees and plants to prevent birds from getting to the plants.

I know already I will be buying 2 more sets of this netting.  While I repurposed it.. I installed it diretly net to the older bird netting I was using for the same purpose.  The NKYM netting was:

  • Easier to install I had ZERO tangle.. the other stuff.. tangles like crazy when you’re trying to install it and sticks to itself ehich he NKTM Netting DID NOT!
  • Has shown FAR LESS Strething than the competing stuff.  The NKTM stretched beautifully when installing but has had ZERO movement since, wher the other competing item is sagging all overand stretching and ripping.  The NKTM doesn’t have a SINGLE RIP.  Both brands were removed from package and installed at the same time!

Next year NKTM netting will be covering my berry bushes and cherry trees and NOT the competing garbage.

Here’s a video of my netting repurpose


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