Net Drying Rack

So.. I’m inventive, and I like to raise my food and animals as inexpensively as possible.  I found this net drying rack on Amazon.  I believe it’s meant to dry panties and such outside on the line without giving your neighbors a full display of you’re under things LOL.

My use for this is a little less conventional, as always.

My rabbits and chickens go through amazing amounts of hay, so I’ve always wanted to take my own lawn clippings and repurpose them to my animals.  Now I can do this, this netting easily holds at least 1 days worth of drying lawn clippings for my rabbits.  I have an area of lawn set aside that I let grow longer than the rest just for this purpose.  I cut the clippings, fill the baskets and hang them in a shady spot on my patio out of the sun, and on a sunny less humid day I have hay the next mornining!  That gets stacked away for winter.  One rack isn’t enough to do an entire winters worth, but it will significantly cut down my costs.

There are 2 tiers, about 4 inches deep and the netting provides awesome air flow through the drying items.

The hanger is a heavy plastic that is adjustable, so it can be hung on a nail or even a wide rod.

This could be used for tub toys, clothing, animal hay, herbs, or your underthings if needed 🙂


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